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Outlook address book opens in background

Jun 27, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Im using netoffice to open outlook address book with suppressed CC, BCC options, When user click a button on WPF form this address book should open up as a pop up and user can select name from there. It works fine but the address book goes behind the running screen always. basically user has to click the button and click on outlook email cilent on the windows tray to view the address book. Is this a bug in netoffice is there anything i can do to fix this ?
   //Initializing application object
            Application application = GetApplicationObject();

            //Holds the outlook recipients object
            Recipients outlookRecipients = new Recipients();

            if (null != application)
                //Initializing SelectNamesDialog from the current session
                SelectNamesDialog addressBooKDialog = application.Session.GetSelectNamesDialog();

                //Restricts multiple selections
                addressBooKDialog.AllowMultipleSelection = false;

                //Disabling To, Cc, Bcc lists
                addressBooKDialog.NumberOfRecipientSelectors = OlRecipientSelectors.olShowNone;

                //Set the global address list as default
                addressBooKDialog.InitialAddressList = application.Session.GetGlobalAddressList();

                //Get the selected  recipients collection
                outlookRecipients = addressBooKDialog.Recipients;