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How to deploy NetOffice Excel to IIS7 ASP.NET web server

Apr 26, 2015 at 1:19 AM
I'm working with a web site that was built with ASP/VB__.NET Framework version 2.0__. My IDE is Visual Studio 2010. I used NuGet to install NetOffice Excel to my IDE so that I could use it to create and save Excel workbooks on the site. Everything worked perfectly in the IDE but it failed when I tried to deploy it to the IIS7 web server. It is showing the error message
"System.ArgumentException: progId not found. Excel.Application".
Can anyone explain to me exactly what are the detailed steps that need to happen to deploy successfully. Since I'm new to this product I'm not confident that I understand all that I need to know about how it really works. so don't worry about your explanation being too simple or too detailed. Your help is greatly appreciated.
May 5, 2015 at 10:21 PM
You must install Excel on the web server.