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NetOffice offers solutions for Office Developers in .NET                      Select a Language:
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.NET Wrapper Assemblies for accessing the following MS Office applications:

  • Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio, Publisher

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  • Office integration without version limitations
  • All features of the Office versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 are included
  • Active support in version independent development (please scroll down)
  • Syntactically and semantically identical to the Microsoft Interop Assemblies
  • No training if you already know the Office object model, use your existing PIA code
  • Reduced and more readable code with automatic management of COM proxies
  • Usable with .NET version 2.0 or higher
  • Easy Addin Development 
  • No deployment hurdles, no registration
  • No dependencies, no interop assemblies, no need for VSTO
  • Visual Studio Project Templates and Wizards available Photo Gallery

Visual Basic and C# Example Code Online

1 Tutorials currently under construction for Release 1.5
2 Excel
3 Word
4 Outlook
5 PowerPoint
6 Access
7 Misc

An indispensable helper

  • How compatible is your solution with all the office versions ? 
  • You are not sure if your Addin is already loaded?      

      The NetOffice Developer Toolbox helps you.


 Active support in version independent developement

  • XML source documentation for information which version are offering the particular entity
  • check at runtime your specified entity is available in current version (Tutorial 08 C# VB
  • check your solution with the Toolbox which Office version are compatible with your code

Documentation and FAQ

1 Why NetOffice?
2 How does NetOffice work?
3 Which NetOffice assemblies do I need for my desired Office application?
4 What do I have to do to deliver my application with NetOffice?
5 Do COMAddins also work version independent?
6 NetOffice is ready for multiple platforms(32/64 Bit)?
7 How do I migrate my solution to NetOffice?
8 COM proxy management
9 Unknown and Variant Types
10 How do I know which Office version offers which functionality?

Technical Documentation and Resources

1 Technical Documentation (Reference, Performance) under construction
2 Technical FAQ
3 NetOffice.DeveloperToolbox
4 Visual Studio Project Wizard


1 NetOffice.DeveloperToolbox Done!
2 Extended Linq Support
3 Support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project completly
4 Enumerators for collections without native enumerator support Done!
5 Additional overloads for methods with optional parameters Done!
6 FxCop approved Sourcecode
7 Visual UI designer

Questions or Comments?

1 E-Mail
2 Disscusion Board
3 Sebastians Blog about NetOffice
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