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' database informations with Access
' taken from Example04.vb

Private Sub ShowDatabaseInfo(ByVal filePath As String)

   ' start access 
   Dim accessApplication As New Access.Application()

   'open database
   Dim database As DAO.Database = _
accessApplication.DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(filePath) Dim tnTableDefs As TreeNode = treeViewInfo.Nodes.Add("Tables") For Each item As DAO.TableDef In database.TableDefs tnTableDefs.Nodes.Add(item.Name) Next item Dim tnQueryDefs As TreeNode = treeViewInfo.Nodes.Add("Queries") For Each item As DAO.QueryDef In database.QueryDefs tnQueryDefs.Nodes.Add(item.Name) Next item Dim tnRelations As TreeNode = treeViewInfo.Nodes.Add("Relations") For Each item As DAO.Relation In database.Relations tnRelations.Nodes.Add(item.Name) Next item Dim tnContainers As TreeNode = treeViewInfo.Nodes.Add("Containers") For Each item As DAO.Container In database.Containers tnContainers.Nodes.Add(item.Name) Next item End Sub

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