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The NetOffice Console Monitor is an external tool(.exe) that allows you to observe debug output from your addins/ applications at runtime. It is very easy to use and reduce your stress level in case of troubleshooting or diagnostics while development/design time, and also helpful to pin point a problem in a deployment system. (you know its very typical for developers, she said: "it works on my pc") You can observe all NetOffice system steps if you want and also your own logic.

What you have to know:

The NetOffice Shared Output Engine knows currently 2 different Categories. These are Console Output and Channel Output.

About Console Output:
A Console is just a normaly broadcaster and send/append single messages for anyone, absolutly similar to System.Console or stupid logfiles. Any new messagee is a new appending message in this concept. The Console Monitor shows any messages in an output window and has various view options to sort the messages, ascend oder descend in time, also hierarchy view is possible(if client sender support this) At last: You dont must share a Console with others. Scroll down and you learn how you create your own isolated Console, just for you.

About Channel Output:

A Channel is designed to observe just a single value. You may have a low frequency timer and want observe a specific value here then its not very helpful to use a console. Thousands and thousands console messages is not realy what you want is this case, is'n it?  The Console Monitor shows you a channel with the given last message. Channels are great to observe single values in real-time without worries.

Let's get started:

As first, you learn how you can send console and channel messages whenever you want.

NetOffice.Core.Console.SendMessage("hello from me");

NetOffice.Core.Channel.SendMessage("MyOnDemandCreatedChannel", "hello cannel"));




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