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ChangeLog NetOffice 1.5.1

Apr 25, 2012 at 5:53 PM
Edited May 7, 2012 at 3:06 AM

The NetOffice 1.5.1 release candidate is available.

whats new?

- improve parametrized properties. no issues for c# developers in any case, developers have one issue with parametrized properties there have 0 parameters in the minimal version
  and have to use get_Property(...) for a call with given parameters(not affected to the overload without parameters)

- change COMObject declarations to object to make it easier for developers to use late binding

- change LateBindingApi.Core.dll to NetOffice.dll

- the Inialize() call at startup is not necessary any longer

- improve documentation, examples and tutorials

- implement Settings.EnableThredSafe for mulithread scenarios
  all systemsteps from NetOffice himself are threadsafe now

- implement Settings.EnableOperatorOverloads
  for example, its possible to use: 
  if(range.Parent = application.ActiveWorksheet)

- add support for MS Visio 2003,2007,2010

- change .NET 3.4/ 4.0 to Client Profile

- implement Globals Module for VB Developers
  for example:
  Imports NetOffice.ExcelApi.GlobalHelperModules.GlobalModule
  Sub Main

   Dim sheetName = ActiveSheet.Name 'Just like VBA

  End Sub
- implement ConsoleMode.Trace (Debug Console)

- implement Settings.EnableEventDebugOutput (Debug Console)
  'special protocol for NetOffice systemsteps for objects with events    

- small bug fixes and improvements

This is the last planned release in this year(depending on the next MS-Office release). unplanned releases(issues and bugfixes) are possible of course.


updated: 05/07/2012