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addin xll conflict with another xla addin

Nov 20, 2012 at 8:50 PM

My Excel AddIn (XLL) is written using C#, ExcelDNA, NetOffice. Now users have another addin say ThirdPartyAddIn (xla), Which he says works fine without my addin. This is what the user does. He highlights a cell and hits button from a ribbon(belongs to the OtherAddIn) which results in a pop-up window function, where he can input a bunch of parameters. When MyaddIn is installed, he click the button and nothing comes up.

I downloaded the trial version of the ThirdPartyAddIn.

Starting from version 1.0 of my addin, I test version by version to see which version starts conflict with the ThirdPartyAddIn.

and then I find one thing

Before I use NetOffice to replace Office PIA,  there is no conflict.

Once I use NetOffice, then conflict occurrs.

So I just wonder how to fix the issue.  I use NetOffice 1.2,

I can email the thirdparty addin link just do not want to put it public here.