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NetOffice - Deploy Outlook Addin for other users

Jan 18 at 8:15 PM

I created an outlook Add-In with NetOffice and Visual Studio Express 2013. It works fine on my development computer, but I'm scratching my head over how to deploy it to other computers. I googled a lot and found many sites, but none of them got me started for different reasons:
I only have Visual Studio Express which lacks the necessary features
The explanations start at a very high level and presume basic knowledge about what needs to be done. I simply don't understand them.

Does anybody have a pointer where a complete Newbie with basic free tools can learn how to do it?

Jan 24 at 7:07 AM
You need to create a setup to deploy your solution and you have no idea how - right?
You can create easily an .MSI or Wix project - unfortunately your VS 2013 Express Version do not support that.
You have to 2 options - upgrade your Visual Studio to the Visual Studio Community Edition or downgrade your Visual Studio to VS 2010 Prof./Enterprise.
(I recommend the last option - but this is only my personal opinion)

Jan 29 at 6:02 PM
Thanks Sebastian,

I installed the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and Wix. So I'm at the starting point to create an installer.
The questions now is, what do I have to add to my *.wxs file?
I found some help here:

When I compile my Outlook Addin, the following files are created in the "Release"-Folder:
  • NetOffice.dll
  • NetOffice.xml
  • OfficeApi.dll
  • OfficeApi.xml
  • OutlookApi.dll
  • OutlookApi.xml
  • MyAddin.dll
  • MyAddin.tlb
  • stdole.dll
Do I have to include all these files to the *.wxs file? Including the xml-files?
More important: I have to register the addin in the registry. Which dll's do I have to register and to which registry key?

Is there a NetOffice help which explains this in simple terms?