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Javascript Addins in Microsoft Office

Well, we all see the Microsoft idea to bring Javascript addins to MS Office.
I want to explain, whats my point of view here.

The benefits are obvious.
An addin on this high abstraction level can run everywhere. Browser/Mac/iPhone/Windows - as a service - they call it "Cloud". This is a good idea, developers can extend the range of possible users. No question about it.
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My problem is i dont like the idea that my addin is managed by Office 365.
And i dont like the idea to stay online for my addin as developer and customer. I dislike that web api's eating the desktop. I dislike the idea needing Microsoft online to develop and publish my addin.
Last but not least: i dont like JavaScript.

I want develop and publish my addin private/offline in my own way coded in C# or VB.
For JavaScript: I'm sure .Net Core want help here in time and then this way is growing up.
My problem is not the idea of the API, my problem is how Microsoft handle that to make me online.

I prefer COM addins as long as this is the only "works offline" way.

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