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NetOffice Situation Today

After 2-3 years of small succsess, NetOffice is obiously not so relevant anymore, if you believe the downloads and the postings.

Why that?

As starts in year of 2010, the situation for office developers was not very comfortable if there want support the actual and the last 2-3 Office versions. multiple VSTO versions works only together with some selected and office/.net runtime versions.  Moreover the breaking change in year of 2007 confuse people. the release periods was much shorter as now and keep developers under pressure.


Now, in year of 2017, VSTO supports the actual and last 3 office versions in the defacto standard runtime .Net 4.x There is no reason anymore for developers to leave a comfortable full service API like VSTO and its impossible to be a worthy VSTO opponent as a private hobby project. 


Microsoft left the COM API but i do not. I want continue contribute Netoffice( but without developing new major features.  Just bugfixing/improvements/enhancements. Next Year - Office 2019 comes out. We will see VSTO is still working in Office 2019 or cards mixed again. i wait for that chance - do me the pleasure Microsoft.

May some web devolopers told you the COM API is depricated. There is no official MS announcement here and Microsoft has a lot of BIG business customers with COM API software for a loooong time.


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MaLS Oct 5 at 9:36 AM 
Hello, Sebastian. Thank you. I am working in a company which uses NetOffice in its products. And I can say now that NetOffice is central technology for MS Office extensions. The COM is technology which will be used very long. And I see scenarios which require this. I can say that we still have to maintain Windows XP and Office 2007. I hope that you will support .NET 3.5.

schloempe Oct 4 at 7:14 PM 
Sebastian, thank you for your work. I am using VSTO at the moment, but have many problems around the world. Especially, if user has installed different Office versions. Often the MOVE property of WORKSHEET is not working. Because of this I decide to use NetOffice for next version of my software. So please keep up. And you are right, nobody knows what happens if Office 2019 is coming.