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Today i see this blog post about office 2016

"Macros and Add-ins—We’re not making any changes to Macros or Add-ins in this release. It’s rare that “no changes” is a something we’d want to highlight, but we think it’s worth celebrating the consistency in the programming model across releases. We understand how important this is and we’re committed to a high level of compatibility as we continue to innovate.  (See for more on how we’re innovating in Office extensibility.)"

This is marketing blah blah and means the COM API is no longer made. Its not a suprise of course but i'm angry because i want to hear the truth. This kind of bullshit is not helpful for anyone. Microsoft  can't remove the COM API for the moment. A lot of business logic, also from big customers, is running here. I'm sure, this year Microsoft want start a big campaign for the new API. (Checkout the press papers, articles, blog posts. This want explode rapidly.)

Anyway, i want continue support the COM API in Office as long as possible.

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