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NetOffice offers you a completely version-independent event support.
In order to prevent naming conflict, every event name in NetOffice has "Event" appended.

Objects which export events implement a COM Event Interface. This Event Interface is connected at runtime to the object. In NetOffice this happends on demand during the first subscription to a event.

If you want to free object, for which you have events subscribed, you should not use Dispose() but Dispose(bool disposeEventBinding) resp. DisposeChildInstances(bool disposeEventBinding) and pass in false as parameter to preserve the created EventBridge, so events can still be retrieved.

If there are COM objects passed as parameter in the event procedures, you should free these COM objects at the end of the event procedure with Dipose() to keep the number of created COM proxies low. Otherwise, these COM proxies will stay around as Child Proxies of the event exporting Objects in the COM Proxy Table of NetOffice. See Tutorial03 regarding this. 

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